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Unhappy My Problem!

I am depressed. I don't think that i am clinically depressed, but i sure can feel the effects. I feel like i want to cut, but on the same note i don't really wanna hurt my body.

One main problem is that everyday when i get home from school (which personally i feel really bad all the time when there) i get very agressive. I speak crap to my mum and sister and always feel like crap after. So for example i might go home and my mum might say 'Oh how was your day' and i would probably respond with something like 'Better than yours, so go away'. And sometimes i get really angry and swear all the time around my parents and stuff.

I also don't really have many friends. My best friend goes to another school and my other good friend doesnt always hang out with me because he has other mates that i dont like.

My grades arent very good either, so my dad gets angry with me, where as my mum just tells me to try harder.

As i was growing up, my dad has always been around, but never really done anything with me. He has always greatly provided my family, but he has never taken me down to the park to play sport or anything. Maybe one weekend out of every 30 weekends he will take me to a movie or something.

So please help!
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