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Default Re: Soundtrack to my life

Waking Up: Concrete Jungle ~ Black Label Society

Getting Dressed: Bloody Well Right ~ Super Tramp

Introduction of your friends: Ghetto Qua Ran ~ 50 Cent ( umm...)

Normal Day: Swing Life Away ~ Rise Against

Encounter with enemies: Black Mass Reverends ~ Black Label Society

Being alone, feeling regret: Purple Haze ~ Jimi Hendrix

Doing exactly what you love, feeling ecstatic: Into The Ocean ~ Blue October

At a party, being the center of attention: Abigail ~ King Diamond

Being jealous of someone close: Ghost of Freedom ~ Iced Earth

Can't keep your eyes off someone: The Last Song ~ 12 Stones

Feeling failure: The Logical Song ~ Super Tramp

Big change: Insects ~ 10 Years

Mental breakdown, tragedy: Sunburn ~ Muse

Driving: The Way I Feel ~ 12 Stones

Getting in a huge fight with an enemy: Suicide Messiah ~ Black Label Society

Love/sex scene: 3 Leaf Loser ~ 12 Stones (lol...)

Sleeping: December Flower ~ In Flames (LOL! Way out of place)

Death: Freur Frei ~ Rammstein

Your funeral: Theme ~ Requiem For a Dream

The world without you: Summer Overture ~ Requiem For a Dream(what're the chances)

Closing credits: Prey ~ 10 Years

Mine turned out pretty shitty, I think XD

All my friends are skeletons,
dulcimers and chariots
prayers to God, oh prayers to God

Was I sleeping all this time?
Was my shadow ever mine?
Wintersleep-Danse Macabre
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