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Default "Am I gay?" " I don't know, are you? "

Anyway, it's completely natural to want to compare penis sizes. Also, the penis is a viable piece of erotica... Most people I know enjoy straight porn over lesbian porn. Including me... However, I'm not attracted to men, I'm more attracted to the fact that this particular woman is doing that to that man.

I know I'm not gay, just because the fact that I'm turned on by women.. It's really pretty simple to tell what sexuality you have. People like to make it out to be more complicated, there's no secret codes and you can't be diagnosed per see.. Meaning, there is no real symptoms. If you were gay, you'd be the first who would know.

However, if you are, it's nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn't have to be delusional about it and pretend to yourself that you aren't like I see some that do. "Oh.. I don't know if I'm gay.. I mean..."

Being gay is not a profession. It is a state of mind and a sexuality. Just because you do something, it doesn't mean you're gay. If I was raped in prison, that wouldn't make me gay.. That's why it's kind of funny when people ask "Me and my friend masturbated together the other day... Does that make me gay..?"

It's natural to be curious. It's natural to be gay. It's easy to tell if you are. Try masturbating to a man who is masturbating or to gay porn.

If you've never really been attracted to girls, then chances are you may be gay. Nobody is 100% straight(that's a fact), so if you're a little tiny bit attracted to someone of the same sex you probably still aren't gay...

"Am I gay?"
"I don't know, are you?"

Anyways, that's my rant. Just thought it may be helpful to some people...


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