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Default Re: I think I need serious help..

I don't know why I want it. I just do. It makes me feel much better and life's better when I'm really depressed. I don't talk at all. I cut myself so I don't get any friends. I'm way too shy to ask girls out, boys as well. Life just seems better that way for me. Nobody would make fun of me since I would be alone. I don't like being around people. I don't like people. I don't like this world. I don't like being happy. I don't like going to parties. I don't like going to dances. I just don't like mostly everything. I like death, depression, girls, boys, razors, and the computer. That's basically all I like, oh and music. I just wish I was more abused so I could be more depressed. -.-
Oh yea, you weren't being mean. I've seen way worse. You were nothing basically. Everybody's mean to me so I got used to it so basically you weren't mean to me at all.
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