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Default Re: I think I need serious help..

Originally Posted by Weeping Willow View Post
Well, that may be right (what your counselor says) but in my opinion - You are so fucking stupid if you really want to be depressed badly. It has ruined my life, driven me to cutting, I have no close relationships now, dating is out of the question, I hate life and myself.

If that's what you want...then whatever, dude you're crazy. Wanting to be depressed is like purposely walking off a cliff...stupid.
he can help that he feels that way, and your not in his shoes so dont critizise him obviously he's going through a tough time, i feel the same way sometimes to even though i really dont want to be that deppresed i cant help that i feel that way sometimes either.
as the saying goes: "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all.
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