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Default The Reality about drugs

Drugs are substances that induce a FAKE feeling. When you feel something fake, it not only gives your brain a bad perception on what is good and what is bad, it also off sets everything. When you get a good feeling for free, your "work and rewards scale" gets fucked up. Everybody has their tolerance for how much they can work for whatever the reward. Some people wont work long hours for just 5 grand a year, it just isn't a big enough of a reward for your tolerance. When using drugs, you distort this whole system. Basically, your brain thinks that all you need is 20 dollars for your drug, and you feel like you earned something that is nowhere near how much you worked. You also develop this thing I call, the love for your knew job. For instance, heroin attics usually not only love heroin, but equally love needles. Since all you did was get some money and bought a drug, your brain starts to like the process of even getting to the drug. Notice if you have a drug of choice, you may not just like the drugs effects, but you might enjoy the process of getting to that feeling. For instance, pot smokers might really have a love for rolling blunts. Drugs are drugs, by the way, sure some are stronger than others in some ways, but they all do the same thing. When you feel good, or happy, or when you take a drug, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. When you get too much dopamine too often, you upset that "work and rewards" scale i was talking about. Your brain, to use the dopamine, has dopamine receptors. When you over supply your brain with dopamine, you get more receptors. When you over "pay" yourself with dopamine, you pretty much spoil your brain like a kid. Your dopamine receptors tell your brain that they aren't being satisfied. then your brain pretty much tries to figure out how it got dopamine in the first place, naturally your brain tries to figure out problems, thats what it does. So naturally, you feel the need for more, hence addiction. Now some drugs release more dopamine then others, which pretty much means some drugs are more addicting then other drugs. This is the scientific definition of addiction. I am 16, and just got out of rehab, and a majority of my family have had addictions to drugs. 2 close uncles of mine just passed away due to drugs. My cousin just went to rehab for pot. thats right, pot is addicting too. So please, don't think I'm arrogant. The reason I wrote this is I think if i had this understanding sooner I would have saved myself of a lot of trouble. Drugs have only led me to lies, being lied to, and fake friends who are just their for drugs. Honestly, when people say drugs are bad, it is true some people don't know what they are talking about, and some are conformists, but it IS the truth. The only benefit you get from drugs are FAKE. By the way alcohol is included. Don't let this tricky confusing stuff ruin your life, because it will eventually. I'm not saying don't do drugs, you could, it's your right of having a free mind. But if you can be open minded, try to take what I'm saying into consideration, and you WILL save yourself a lot of trouble.

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