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THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HARD DRUGS. All drugs are equally bad in one way or another. They are substances that induce a FAKE feeling. When you feel something fake, it not only gives your brain a bad perception on what is good and what is bad, it also off sets everything. When you get a feeling of euphoria for free, or any good feeling in general, your "work and rewards scale" gets fucked up. your brain thinks that all you need is 20 dollars, and you feel like you earned something that is nowere near how much you worked. You just got money and bought a product. Drugs are drugs, sure some are stronger than others in some ways, but they all do the same thing, and i wont get that into it, but ALL drugs release the SAME chemical in ur brain(accept hallucinagents, which are terrible for you), just different amounts. Its called dopamine, the stuff that your brain perceives as pay for work. When you over "pay" yourself, you pretty much spoil ur brain like a kid. And everyone is familiar with the physical affects.
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