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Default Re: Masturbating for girls and boys..

Ahaha, Some guys can be so impatient. Well about that sex thing, guys should do it too. Unless your into just hardcore fucking, then you should play around first, get into the mood. Once your aroused/horny then you should have sex. Its alot better (Not that i'd know )

And the masturbating thing, i think girls would probably think its sorta gross at first, because its not as sanitary as male masturbation. If i were a girl i'd be a little hesistant putting my fingers into my vagina or rubbing it.

All in all, i think that girls masturbate just as often as guys do. The female hormone is Estrogen yes, i believe it's what makes their breasts grow, just like testosterone makes our penis' grow. I think that should be enough info for you eh?
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