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Default Re: sex with teacher

Oh my god. You idiots saying lock this. This actually does happens. There are fucking teachers who molest kids. Fucking idiots -.- I'm sorry but you people are just plain right messed up. Fine, he's lying. At least try to help him out or listen to love line. I hear something like this on love line like once a month or so. So yea, this could be lies and could be actually real. Stop fucking accusing him of lying without any real proof. You people have no idea what teachers do. They ARE human by the way. They could be just as bad as somebody on the top wanted list. Hey, kid, how old are you? That would help ALOT to get answers. If you're younger than 17 or something then go to the cops and report her for seducing underage kids. If you're 18 then it's really up to you what to do.
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