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Default Masturbating for girls and boys..

Ok, I found out somewhere, I forgot, that girls don't like masturbating at first. Why is that? And why do guys have to kiss her and talk to her and do tons and tons of foreplay then have sex instead of just having sex? I have no idea, but Doctor Drew says it's soemthing with the girl hormone. I forgot the name. Does that answer the question? It's just the girl hormone? Sounds kinda cheapy to me. And why don't girls masturbate everywhere if it feels good? Why can guys just masturbate anywhere and enjoy it? Testostrohome (male hormone)? Why do everybody says that girls can't masturbate and only guys can? I think that's a load of crap. I've heard from 5 girls already that they masturbate. Are they just lying to me? Seems like everybody lie to me all the time -.-
Oh and, is it true that most girls and boys have sex before they're 18? I just don't see the point in having sex. I guess it's just because i'm 14. -.-

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