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Default Self Harm

Is it normal for me to punch the walls, punch myself, cut myself, and hurt myself in any form or way when I'm mad. Cause I seem to want to just beat the shit out of me when I'm mad. I don't f'ing want to act like my step dad, so I just hurt myself instead of hurting others. I feel like just getting a knife and stabbing my hand all the way through cause I'm soo mad right now. Oh, and is it normal that when you fight and you're mad, you either kill the person or get them seriously hurt or get yourself seriously hurt? Cause I've almost killed somebody out of rage then I ended up punching the walls and my hands were all bleeding alot. Oh yea, is it normal for wanting somebody to kill yourself cause you're mad. Cause all day long I want somebody to just kill me cause I'm scared that I'm going to hurt another idiotic being.

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