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Default Re: Why do good girls like bad guys?

Originally Posted by hardcore-smile View Post
Kayy its beacuse girls want guys that will fight for them like achully fight and good guys will be too afriad and bad boys dont give a fuck if they get hurt just so they can protect the girl and good guys are very afraid and uncofertuble and bad boys arnt they will do what ever the girl wants them to do and bad guys are REALLY hot beacuse they like smoke,brud,drink and its soo hot so yeahh
I reveal your honour, exhibit A... Seriously though, there's a prime example of what I meant. It makes no sense... I'd fight for a girl if deemed necessairy.. I'm not gonna pop a guy in the face for looking at me side-ways, but if some chud started flirting with my girlfriend I'd tell him to piss off. If he didn't, push him and see where that takes me. You don't have to be a 'bad-boy' to have some balls.

This brings up the question, what is a 'bad-boy'? An idiot? That's basically what it seems to me a 'bad-boy' is.. I drink, sure, I've shoplifted a few more times than I probably should have(I'm not proud of it), I skip classes/jig and I've broken into a house before... but I get awesome grades in school. And thus, am labeled 'prep'.. Doesn't really bother me. I couldn't give a fuck, sounds like a compliment I find. I really don't do my homework, I just pay attention in class and I end up getting high nineties in mid-terms/exams which brings my average into the upper eighties lower nineties.

Plus, I respect my elder's/teachers. So what? I expect the next generation to do the same to me...

I can't believe this thread is still around. I made this almost exactly a year ago. But yeah, 14 has been quite the year for me I think. I've gotten in trouble for a lot of things I'm not proud of, stuff that I'd probably never do 2 years prior.

Hopefully 15 is more kind!

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