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it is incorrect to generalise here. SO many different people cut for so many different reasons that it's impossible to narrow reasons down to just one, nor is it to right to limit self harm to simply cutting your wrists.

Take myself, i cut myself out of anger, and i do my palms, for the simple reason, as some1 said earlier, i do not want to die. I'm too worried that one day, in my rage, im going to go too deep, and its going to cause some big problems.

Oh yes, also palms are easier to conceal compared to scars on the wrists.

I say cutting is a form of release. A means of expressing yourself.

I also choose to cut myself because, it is not harming others, if i let my anger get the better of me, i might end up seriously hurting somebody, and truly regretting the spur of the moment instinct.

I hope you die, choking on the words you scream
at me day after day...
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