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Wink Re: PLEASE...I Really Need Some Help

don't worry about it, most times the pub hairs on a blode haired boy don't seem as thick or as long, but once you fully develope it will start to show. Since he has darker hair his hair on his cock shows up a lot better.
So you say that you get erections when you see other guys cocks? I get that sometimes, too. It doesn't mean that you are gay, just that you are sexually aroused. Maybe you are just curious. Do you ever get a boner around your cousin, or want to touch another guy's "package"? It is just curiousity. Calm down, guys are always comparing themselves other guys, you can't tell how big a guys cock is when it is flaccid, just no way. Some guys look really small but when they get erect are huge. mine is really small when flaccid, but erect is about 7.5". (I'm 16)

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