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What if I read a book in Aesop's Fables, and in that book it happen to say " all should put though faith in me or innevitable and iminnant eternity in Hell"? Should I just say " Oh, well Aesop seemed smart, although I don't know if he was REALLY holy or ACTUAALLY God's son, but why not say he's right and critisize and slander all the other religions?". Am I not proving my point? You don't quite seem to grasp the information! I mean, come on! I might be wrong, but who says you're right? A book? I believe mosts books. Examples: Dictionaryies, Encyclopedias, Thesarasaus, and most other school realated text books, but a book written...... I don't even know how long ago. Wouldn't you love to find out thoose were stories told by the Greeks when under the Roman Empire's rule (after Emporer Constantine. I think he was the one who converted their religion. I'll Google it or something). I'd laugh so hard I'd die of too much presure on my internal organs. (Which, by the way after thinking about it, made me really never want to laugh. Is that possible? Again I'll google it. lol) Soooo.... I guess there for I must've proven my point, and if somehow I didn't get through to him that he can't say his religions right.......he is as ignorant as........ the president, or the dictator of North Korea ( except without nukes. lol. I hope .) THE END

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