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Unhappy All alone

Everyday before school I take a shower...But before about a week ago I liked taking one...but now its the at school i have too drag myself to my classes....a week ago I was happy to be near my friends...and now it seems like really I have no one to talk to or anything,sometimes I talk 2 a freaking mirror just to talk to something other then a freaking wall...all my other "friends" in my area have now left me behind...always making excuses like "Shut up,im talking too a really hot chic!" and heres my favorite.."Hey man I gtg i gotta go to my grams yea I am pretty alone right now...and now I have to act different around my parents so they don't freak out and send me to a damn hospital!! and to top that all off I now understand why no girl would ever like me...its because apparently im a "freak" cuz I carry safty pins...and yesterday I took them out and every still looked at me like a freak and talked to me like I am...What should I do too get people to well stop doing that...

Well srry For the Blab
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