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Question PLEASE...I Really Need Some Help

I just got back from my annual vacation in Pennsylvania a few days ago and I have a question or two. First, I am 15 and my favorite cousin, Levi, in Pennsylvania, is 12. I am about 5'11" and he is like 5'6". I have blonde hair so my mustache is almost invisible, he has dark hair and has one that you can at least see. I saw his penis while I was up there (NOT GAY OR ANYTHING!) we just went skinny-dipping in his hot tub because it was cold and I saw his. He has a pretty good one with lots of pubic hair. I can't tell, though, if his is bigger than mine. When it is flaccid it is hard to tell because everyone's changes, it could go from pretty big but still flaccid to really small. I am a little insecure and always compare other guy's manliness to mine. I would just feel weird if my cousin who is three years younger being bigger than me. Also, does it seem like he has more hair just because I have lighter hair?

So on to my question, sorry about the wait. How can you really tell how big someone is when they are flaccid? I just can't figure it. I would also like to ask if he is an early-bloomer because I am not sure.

Last, sometimes I get an erection if I see another guy's package or something. I like girls and I really don't want to be gay at all. I want to go out with girls and marry a beautiful woman and everything I can do that is straight. Levi told me that he gets erections sometimes from two girls on T.V. Is it weird what happens to me and does it make me less of a man that it doesn't to him? Please help.

P.S. Levi is ashamed of growing up quickly. He said that kids make fun of him having hair on his lip and being tall. He said that he wishes he didn't have it. I just want to yell at him about how lucky he actually is. I would be grateful to be tall, have hair on my lip, and be all "situated' down there at only 12. Oh well.

-If anyone actually read all that then please help. I would like any advice you can give. I am feeling a little insecure right now about all this-


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