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cutting is retarted I dont understand why some one would go OH IM DEPRESSD CUTTING MYSELF SOUNDS GOOD ABOUT NOW god it pisses me off when people are little attention whore and are like looks I cut myself I am unique omg hehehehe it friggin pisses me off the people that cut because they are deppressd what ever I dont care I dont pitty them thats there problem self inflicted pain NOT COOL btw how the hell do you start cutting obviusly trying to be cool oh and how does cutting make you feel normal THATS WEIRD not not cutting
and thats my oppinion so any body thats offended I dont care

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Oh yes it is.
So by your thinking we should let evil sadistic fanatical Islamists run around killing anyone they see. You don't seem to get it that these people WANT TO KILL YOU and anyone else that doesn't believe in their evil religion. I am not even bothering to go on
lolwut? Someone's spoon fed from the media

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