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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Shamus can magnetify ANY metal.

“It’s a power-palooza!!” Shyam cried out happily, “wouldn’t it be awesome if we all got new powers?”
“Yeah, that’d be pretty cool,” I agreed. Before anyone could say anything else, a bell chimed from above us followed by the sound of a female voice.
“Attention! Dinner will be served in 15 minutes in the Grand Dinning Hall,” the voice said. The five of us were quiet for a moment, looking at each other.
“Why do they need to announce dinner to us?” Shamus asked.
“Dunno, but I’m starved. Well be on high alert for anything that might go wrong, but Iris’ group will probably be here by now. Let’s go get dressed,” Ham said. Shyam and Butch wrestled their way out of the water, leaving Ham, Shamus, and me behind, walking at a slower pace with our towels wrapped around us.
“What’s Shyam going to do when he learns about Fin?” Shamus asked. I sighed.
“I’m not sure, but he’s going to need to know soon. He’s not going to like that we’re keeping it from him,” I replied.
“We’ll tell him after dinner. Hopefully, Iris can help with telling him,” Ham said. With a nod, we broke off to enter our separate rooms and get changed.
To my surprise, there was already someone else in my room.
“May I help you?” I asked the girl. She spun to face me, her youth surprising me. She was definitely younger than Giggles, maybe five years old. Her black hair framed her pale face as surprised showed in her blue eyes.
“Oh, are you new?” she asked, her voice sounding like a typical little kid.
“Um, yea. I just need to change and get to the ‘Grand Dinning Hall?’” I replied.
“Ah. Well, I’ll show you. Just come outside when you’re done and I’ll lead you there,” she said, leaving. I just stood there for a second before moving again. I slipped into jeans, a green sweater, and a pair of sneakers that were in the closet. Luckily, they fit. I opened the door to find the girl standing there, concentrating on her hands. Hovering a little about them was a fluffy white cloud, just floating there. Her head snapped up and she grinned.
“I can control the weather. Well, sorta. I can really only make clouds, but I made it rain once!” she said, “anyway, come on, I’ll take you to dinner.”
She shooed the cloud away and took my hand, leading me down a maze of hallways, passing various rooms with other kids my age or younger in them.
“Here you go. Megan!” she cried, running off. I looked around, amazed at the sheer size of this room. To think, this was all underground. I joined Ham and Shamus at the end of the table, and sat down.
“How many people are here?” I asked quietly.
The two just shrugged. Someone stepped up to a podium and said dinner was served, and steaming dishes of glorious food appeared before us. How wonderful!

To my dismay, Iris and her group had not arrived yet. I was getting a little nervous about them. Yet here I sat with a whole bunch of other Dumaniz, boys and girls from the age of five to eighteen.
Here’s how Ham and I got to the dining hall. I took some clothes with me to the bathroom and I rinsed off in the shower to get the chlorine smell off. It’s an anal habit of mine. When I came back, Ham was dressed, but he was sitting on a cot with another kid. He looked about sixteen.
“Um… c-can I help you?” I stuttered. He looked up at me. He was obviously Hispanic, and his head was shaven.
“My name’s Nio,” he introduced himself before disappearing into thin air. Ham did a double-take as he noticed the space next to him became empty. My heart skipped a beat. I might have died if I didn’t hear the soft footsteps approaching me. I held out my hand before he ran into me.
“Good trick,” I complimented. Nio appeared standing in front of me, looking defeated.
“Yeah, it is. But before they invented the fiber of the clothes I’m wearing, whenever I disappeared, I could never be fully invisible. So you know what I had to do.” I’d seen enough science-fiction to understand.
“Huh. Interesting,” I replied. Strange guy.
“So are you coming to dinner?”
“You lead the way,” Ham ordered Nio, standing up. Nio lead us down a series of short passage ways and other rooms. We passed plenty of other kids on the way. They all looked normal except for one kid who was covered in scales. Ham looked intrigued by all this.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’ve only heard of other Dumaniz. I didn’t think it was really true until today,” he answered. We reached a large room about five times the size of our school cafeteria after a minute more of walking through the labyrinth of rooms. Over fifty kids sat in there. Nio and some friends he met along the way peeled off to sit with some other kids I reckoned were in his Tribe, so Ham and I went to find ours. Shyam and Butch sat a few seats away from another Tribe, and Ham and I took our seats next to them. It looked like most tribes were sitting separate from the other Tribes.
Ro appeared being escorted by a little girl, a little younger than Giggles. She said something to Ro, screamed something in another direction, and ran off. Ro looked slightly confounded by all these kids coming from no where as she (after hesitating and blushing) popped a squat next to Ham.
“How many people are here?” she asked. Ham and I shrugged. Then a person approached the shadowy podium onstage, announcing “Dinner is served.” They wore some sort of dark robe with a hood. Their face was hidden. The person’s voice neither sounded feminine nor masculine. My gaze remained upon the podium and the mysterious person behind it until I smelled the chicken teriyaki underneath my nose. Like at the feasts in Harry Potter the food appeared magically on the table. I spooned some mashed potatoes onto my plate and loaded corn on the cob, a dinner roll, some French fries and chicken teriyaki. It was absolutely delicious. I stuffed my face for about fifteen minutes before someone tapped my shoulder.
“Hmm-mm?” I mumbled, turning around to face Ceil. He looked exceptionally somber and grim.
“Matthias’ group has been captured.”

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