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Originally Posted by Crazysam View Post
Update remeber i told you guys i had never had an orgasm before? well will spare you the details but 2 days ago i was in the mood and well i started you know whatting (can i say W*nk on these forums? lol) and then i got this really nice feeling however nothing came out then i really need a piss and half way through some gooie stuff came out allong with the urine there wasnt much maybee enough to fill a teasspoon...(lol is this normal? has this ever happened to any of you guys?)

If this is an innorpriate post or it dosnt belong here please dont ban me
OK, yea the first time you have sex you feel it but nothing comes out
that is normal. because you never did it be4, you aren't ready yet; but more frequently you do it, you'll notice more.
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