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Default Re: Help with seporoth

its Sephiroth recommened level 70 or higher
ok, when the battle begins try not to charge up to him because he slashes you even at a long distance.( guard doesn't really help, he can slash through it) make sure you have lots of elixers or megaelixers. use your skills on sephiroth (ex. sonic, raid) after about 20 hits his HP will finally begin to go down. Ars Arcanium works well on hurting him but you really can't do a finishing blow on him.after the pink bar goes down halfway, sephiroth will start going a bit more seriuosly and this is where "Sin Harvest" will come in play for him. when he begins to use that skill, he will be teleporting around the map, do your best to find him and strike before he says sin harvest. if he is too far away, get your cursor on the item elixer and use it when you see the halo on his head. and if your timing is exactly right, Sora will use it and then lose his HP for .4 seconds and then refilled. then keep using your skills, you can attack him but the strategy not to get hit is to jump+attack. after you get down to his half life he will begin to start doing combo hits. use ars arcanmium or other skills so you don't get hit. then after a bit he will summon meteor which will hurt you . try and dodge the floating meteors and use ar arcanium right when the big meteor hits the ground. this is where it gets hard, sephiroth will begin to glow and use floating energy balls that explode causing damage to you. keep doing your best to attack him and heal. skills will help you like ars arcanium but using raid....sephiroth moves too much by now so you may only get 3 hits at most. but since he will be charging you, ars arcanium is very useful. sephiroth is worth a LOT of experience points, you will pretty much get a level up each time you defeat him. (note: don't use Ragnarok because teh energy rain has no effect on sephiroth)
if you think sephiroth was hard, wait till Kingdom Hearts 2

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