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Originally Posted by Shaolin
It's not a practice in general hospitals, doctors and nurses are extremly busy in normal hospitals and cannot attend to watching someone frequently for a long period of time.

There is usually a psychatric ward in most hospitals.

Suicide watch is usually several days to a week, it's not safe to release a suicidal person straight into the community and a full psychatric evaluation takes place to find out what caused the suicidal behaviour.

Also a full detox from any liver damage takes longer than a one night stay in a hospital. A suicidal dose of painkillers damages the liver and is not something you can just walk away from within two days.

Whats more important to dicuss here is patch's safety.
Shaolin my regular hospital took me don't belive me I don't give a fuck and yea I was there for 3 days but I was allowed to come home for the day of the 25th as long as I was under constant supervision but I had to eturn at night and I was there all the 26th and left the afternoon of the 27th. While I was there they monitored my vitals, I had an echo and they took care of my arms.

He was there for long enough as far as his liver cause they wern't in his system long Laura phoned his bro and had him takin to the hospital where he drank a ton of charcol which coats everything preventing it from entering your system. So although he did take enough to cause damage it wasn't EXTEMLY severe, was his liver hurt? Yes. But he'll live his blood tox levels were low enough for him to be realesed.

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