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Whatever you do, don't go back to meth, ive been there once and it's not something id want to ever be addicted to, and this is coming from a drug user.

Your panic attack sounds related to a cue, something triggered these feelings whilst at lunch, in the environment and that may have been something that activates the memories of a bad meth trip, and with the memories come the emotions.

Meth crams a week into a day, i know what its like. It's not a fact but it's what its like.

A good idea would be to talk about your experiances on meth, in detail with someone. Get it all out, or explain your experiance here if you want.

Don't do meth again. Ive done meth once and whenver i feel like shit i think of meth as bringing happiness, and i did meth monthes ago.

Not a good thing to get addicted, people stay up for several days with no sleep being addicted to meth. Your body aches and is in pain, your mind is in hyperdrive but it has to pay for this. Meth is shown to be neurotoxic, its dangerous for your brain.

Check out the drug abuse forum.

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