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Im not saying these mean anything, but i did a heap of those quizes, and each and everone of them said its likely i have ocd :/ Also I hoard paper. Things must be exactly where i left it, or ill worry. I always have to double check details with people many time and i was at the supermarket this morning, and i was walking around straightening stuff on the shelves. im obsessed about detail. anywhere i go, i must examine everything in my surroundings, also i pick faults with everything and worry about it. i put a recording on tonight for top gear, and i had to make sure it was recorded properly. i check 2-3 times that the windows are up in my car when its raining. when putting petrol in my car, i have to put an even amount in, whether its full or not. its all driving me nuts -- which in turn gives me anxiety -- and that means it takes ages to get to sleep

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