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Default Re: Missing Something

I've found out The PROBLEM!!!!when i just reformatted my computer earlier this afternoon. while i was just installing my zonealarm i was at my photobucket when i suddenly saw that the animations were moving! at first i thought it was because i had just installed firefox 2 but then after the set up for zone alarm was finished the GIF had stopped moving and i wondered. currently at 11:18 p.m. i went to and checked some things out and found some very interesting topics about zl problems when i bumped into a GIF thread. it was the goddarn privacy thing!
here is a picture.
you need to turn off the animation block or simply turn off ad blocking. i really don't have any pop-ups so its ok for me to turn it off because i don't go to any unknown sites.

oh and by the way, can any mod change the thread name to .GIF animation problems?
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