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Default How to make professional looking videos in bf2 with no hud

K this is a short tutorial on how to record a vdeo in bf2 with no hud. I will use the example that you are trying to make a video of you and your friends doing stunts in a jet.

you want to make a video of you and your friends doing jet stunts in bf2. You would either host a dedicated server off your own machine, or find a emty server that has battle recorder enabled.

A.If your hosting the server off your own machine you would go into the game's develepor console by pressing the "~" key and type "demo.recordDemo [demoname]". After that you fly around do whatever you want and when your done stop the server.

B.If your going on a public server with battle rcorder enabled you would just join fly around do whatever. Then when your done download the demo through the "community" tab in bf2.

Following ether step A, or B you would download battle launcher* from Here and run the program. Then select the battle recorder tab, click on "launch modes", select "play demo and record a camera track". Then select the ".BF2demo" you want to record from and click run it will ask you what you want the name of your .cam file to be, pick whatever you want then click ok. When it plays the demo it will record were you move you camra to and that is what will be in the movie.

Quit out of bf2 when your done recording and go back to battle launcher, then select under launch modes "render demo and camra track to video". then select the camra track youi want it to render and click run. It will ask you wat you want the video to be called, once againg oick what whatever. Then hit ok, it will open bf2 run your dem and then do nothing, you need to Alt+Tab out of bf2 and select from the diolog box that pops up in battle launcher what file type you want, pick what you want(you probly want somthing with good compression like mpeg4) then click ok. then maximise bf2 and go get somthing to eat unless you have a supercomputer workstation because it renders the video frame by frame. After it finishes go to your "EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Demos" and theres your video.

HERE is an example video i made.

Please not that i made this tutorial kinda fast and please tell me if anything is incorrect or left out. Also that since for some reason i can't use spell checker with firefox it may look like i spell like a 2 year old (i do).

*Disclamer for battle launcher*
This version of BattleLauncher introduces edits to the GameLogicInit.con - A file that must not be altered or Punkbuster will not allow you to join servers.

BattleLauncher has a backup function, so make sure to restore your backups through BattleLauncher (Or manually from the BL install folder) before joining servers online.

If you find yourself not being allowed to join servers, then you know what to do.

The end

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