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Well. For starters...I have no fucking life at all.

While other people my age are out doing stuff with friends, or at parties/dances, im at home sitting in my computer chair. Every night its the same, I havent properly hung out with any of my friends or attempted to make friends in a long time. I mean, i have friends at school, im happy at school. But when i get home im just depressed all the time. I need advice on how to get more active, and no i dont wanna ride my bike around town or walk. I dont call people Thats one of the reasons why i dont ever have anything to do. Another reason is all my friends are never on MSN, and when they are im doing something important (Like on myspace or im too lazy to go anywhere or homewokr or something)

Anyways yea, this is really putting me down lately. My parents arent helping much either, telling me i have no life. I can hang out with this girl named Sandra, but she lives sorta far, and I dunno. Shes sort of weird

I dunno where im going with this, i just had a talk with my mom about how I dont have any friends, my dads upset because i left him and the hockey game for the computer. But what else is new. I just felt like gettin this out in the open, reply if you want, although it probably wont do any good
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