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Default Re: O M G windows movie maker is SHIT

Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker View Post
Almost any program be aquired for "free".
But anyway what are the specs of your comp, ram, processor, hard drive, ect
Also you need to keep in mind that when you record a video with fraps(i assume this is wat u are using), it records it uncompressed as an avi. That is why they are taking so long to upload into windows movie maker.
Yeah I know I pirate stuff every now and then. Fraps was acquired for free by me.
I GB of ram amd 3200 Proc 60 GB hardrive.
I know it saves it as an AVI. Its huge because the resolution is the same as in my game, very high.
Its not that its taking long to upload its that windows movie maker fucking freezes when I am almost done.

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