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Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
The Bible tells us to place our faith in the Lord and through Him no evils can hurt you. I love the Lord God, my Heavenly father, and place my faith in Him.

Also, im not trying to force religion because that is impossible. The Bible tells us that one's relationship with God must be formed between the person and God. Nobody can show God to you. Once you experience His awesomeness, your soul will be on fire.
omg. I can't even express in words your......your....... ignorance and arrogance toward other religions.

I don't give a shit what the bible says! The Muslims have the Koran the Jews have the Torah. What about those, they say the same fucking thing! I am sure other religions have other books.

The Koran and Torah both say that you will burn or whatever if you don't believe.

So please try again to answer my question. "what makes your religion right, and ALL the others completely false and wrong"

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