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Originally Posted by xTheLordsServantx View Post
I think Global Warming is a problem that we have gotten ourselves into and its a shame. But I dont think we should stress about it because God can do anything, including fix all of our problems, but we have to trust in Him. We will never be able to get rid of the countless terrors of this world, but to solve this problem, we need faith.
your fucking pathedic
having faith is one thing thats okay
but sitting on your ass and ignoring a HUGE problem that faces all of humanity and saying its okay if we belive in god he will magically fix our fuck ups

first of all he dosent exist so he isnt gonna help nvm fix it

second of all we made this mess we can clean it up even if he did exist which he dosent he hasent helped befor we handled the Nazi's by ourselves, were handling dieses by ourselves, the quest for peace and scientific advancement and exploration

we dont need your imaginary friends help

Global warming is a HUGE problem
we'll fix it
thats the NUMBER ONE issue in Canada right now
we were pissed at the liberals cause they wernt actually keeping to kyoto and were pissed at harper cause hes not doing enough

global warming is literally topeling and changing goverments in Canada
in every first world country its becoming a HUGE issue
our generation is PISSED and we want it fixed
I have "faith" in humanity
I have "faith" in myself
We WILL fix it
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