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Default Re: friend NEEDS HELP!!

Ok, I'm sorry for everything I just said on this thread... I just re read the first post and I didn't notice the big almost bold word... JOKE...
Cutting is not a joke... I think your friend is a little silly by cutting because her boyfriend broke up with her... I can understand her having a heartache, and feeling really low and depressed, but cutting it maybe a little way too off the line... she's got to understand that cutting is bad and not healthy... she's got to understand that teenagers relationships will never last a life!! most teenagers aren't even mature enough to say when they feel in love and when not...
If you really wanna help her, get an adult AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before its too late... she might hate you, start teasing you, and then tell you you're a little girl because you went crying to an adult and stuff... don't even bother listening to her... just remember that you did the right thing, and that she's fine now!! sooner or later she will go up to you and tell you that you saver her life

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