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Originally Posted by LiveStrong
Sorry for spamming but anways, I wanan try shrooms, what do those taste/ effect you?
Magic Mushrooms taste of regular mushrooms, except raw and so don't taste very nice, it's not unbearable but it's definatly not a nice taste.

They are not dangerous physically as such, however if you eat too many expect to vomit.

The most dangerous thing is getting the wrong type of mushroom, if you don't get a magic mushroom it could be a poisounous mushroom your eating. if you hit them hardish they should bruise a blueish colour, if they are magic mushrooms.

Eat a small dose (4g dried) or 10g undried. You should see what your in for that way.

Make sure your in a safe surrounding with people you trust and no responsibilities for the day, and no authorities like parents or cops around. Make sure your having fun before you trip and that your feeling comfortable. If you start experiancing bad halulcinations, try changing something in the room like the lighting or music.

Never trip alone!!

Never do too many!

The most dangerous risk of doing shrooms is psychosis, which can be a permanent lifelong condition. However this only hpapens in a minority of heavy users but it still can happen to anyone.

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