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First off I'm not ignorant, and I'm not will fully blind either. There are a couple things that we know to be true.
-in the recent past (relational to the history of the earths climate) 100 years the earth's surface temperature has warmed, by around 1 (f*) or a little more.
-There is such thing as the greenhouse effect and it keeps the earth at a livable temperature
-increased greenhouse gases ---> increased absorption of the suns heat,higher temperatures.
Now there are a lot of things to think about,
-How many factors are there on the earths surface temperature?
*well there are thousands, may of which are understood very little, and they all play a part in what the temperature ends up being. Inherently some have a greater effect than others.
-Does the temperature of the earth change "naturally"
*yes, we have had ice ages, a medieval warming period, and basically everything in between
-Does "man" effect temperature?
*yes greenhouse gases, changing the materials that the sun hits when it gets to earth... many more.
Humans do increase the temperature of the earth, but they are not the only thing that changes it, they are far from it, and not only that, but greenhouse gases aren't the only way that humans change it, Ever heard of "urban heat islands"? look it up.

and the whole idea of "changing the temperature" would imply that the temperate before would stay the same unless other wise changed, but no one who knows what they are talking about at all would agree with that as the temperature of the earth has changed, and often drastically over time
another thing that must be considered is the "state of fear" effect that the media has on every thing relating to fear that sells add time or papers or w/e.
-If the audience thinks that what is on effects them (fear) they will buy/watch it.
-It has happened countless times with many things that have been blown way out of proportion like:
--Y2k, according to wikipedia "The total cost of the work done in preparation for Y2K was $US 300 billion." thats a lot of money for not a lot of actual problem.
--KILLER BEES!!!, at one time a major news story "The Africanized bee is widely feared by the public, a reaction that has been amplified by sensationalist movies and some of the media reports. Since their introduction to the United States there have been 14 deaths from Africanized bees over the several year period, which makes them less hazardous than venomous snakes." 14 people total, thats less than die by that lethal hands of vending machines (look it up if you don't believe) (wait a minute, vending machines don't even have hands!)
-so on and so on, even one as I write this, the threat of terrorism.

this state of fear blows every thing way out of proportion.
just curious, DO you know what the largest (most influential on temperature) green house gas is? water vapor (look it up)

Some Scientists say that last years big US hurricanes were caused by, well just guess.
but there weren't any big US hurricanes this year, does that mean global warming is on the fall? or does it only work one way? is that fair?

So, how long has the earth been in this warming trend? well don't tell that to Time who fell in to the "cooling" hype 30 years ago, no joke see for yourself (can u say fear?)

And on the subject of Computer models of warming, what BS.
I have looked at the predictions and they range from 2-6 degrees over the next 50ish years years or more, so isn't 200% a huge margin of error? and IF they can't tell me what the weather will be like in a month how can they tell me what it will be like in a century?
MY position is NOT that the temperature hasn't increased or that we aren't effecting it, it is that we don't know what effect we are having on it, we don't know if the increase is being caused natural (think medieval warming period) the public is largely in FEAR (disproportionately) (think Al gore) and frankly we really don't know.

IMO its not worth throwing billions of dollars to the wind (errr.. temperature of the wind?) with so many uncertainties and hype, when it could be WAY better spend trying to find cures for diseases, helping impoverished nations like Africa, or social security and national debt.
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