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I agree sexual predator is harsh but I'm classified as a self mutilator tecnically do I like it? NO but thats what it is do I like the fact that all my teachers, my mom, my dad, etc... All watch me? NO but they do.

He WILL be classified as that if he continues I'm trying to help him from this cause everyone around him will be informed they have websites that anyone can go to to see if theres a sexual predator in your nabourgh hooh he'd be on there, its considered public knolege because parents don't trust them (for good reasons) and they want to protect there kids.

I was molested and beatten (to make sure I kept my mouth shut) and it SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I ever run into my molester I will do one of two things either A be terrafied of him or B attack him and literally beat him to death.

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