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Originally Posted by sulack View Post
Circumcition Is Getting Your Forskin Cut Off And It Will Hurt Like Hell If You Have It Done At Your Age All You Need To Do Is Wash Your Cock In The Shower
Don't listen to him, Bjj. There is nothing you can do to alter your body without a little pain, like getting a tat or getting pierced or getting circumcised. I hope to God you didn't actually need to learn that from us!

But, as in the other cases, getting circumcised just isn't very painful and it's very temporary pain anyway. They give you a local anesthetic (nothing like you need for surgery!) and afterwards they give you pain pills. In a few days, you don't feel any pain at all. And it's not really pain at all, it's some soreness. It goes away. Hell, you're 15! You can take it.

And look at all the amazing, life-long benefits! Hotter and better and more sex! What kind of pussy would let so little pain keep him from all that?
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