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Default Re: Marijuana, a Mutual Information Post.

if i found weed growin in like the woods somewhere possibly due to some1 puttin it there, id take it, but if it was in some1's back yard and i spotted it i wouldnt go near it. if u get found after stealin some1's pride and joy then u get fucked, ive heard of people gettin beaten so bad and bein in the hospital.

But yea, the effects of weed range from person to person, i myself dont get the munchies. id advise not smokin out of any homemade divice other than a waterfall/gravity bong. i got a piece in china town for $5 and it works perfectly, nice and compact. i've only once experienced a comedown because i usually smoke w/ my friends at night at some1's house and we get real stoned and fall asleep b4 the comedown, but i didnt experience anything bad. i fealt a lil weird ( i could actually walk straight lol)but yea. is offline   Reply With Quote