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Default Should I or should'nt I

Well okay heres my story and i want to come to a decision whenever i should tell her (being my gd friend) im gay/bi.
Okay i have told her im bi once before but she was like 'r u sure' and 'im like that sometimes it doesn't mean anything', and so i chicken out saying it was justa phase and i didn't really feel anything and to forget it, but now we have both matured and i dunno. And she has noticed there is something bugging me at the moment when e.g. i was going out with my ex gf... and now she keeps asking wat is wronge and i don't know if i should tell her, sometimes i do sometimes i don't... i just worried that it might slip out (e.g. to her bf, or her other friends) if she is drunk or just says it randomly by mistake... she not homophobic nor is a she annoying girl like she thinks all gay/bi people like pink fuffy things and going shopping and all the ushall stereotype.
She is a really good friend and i fell like i owe it to her but i don't have the experience to know if its the right thing to do because i don't want to be open to everyone yet.

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