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Default Re: I think I may have some traits of OCD..

That doesn't sound like traits of OCD. Rather I have the same kind of problems too. Except I don't stress out if my brother is on the computer or something. I just wait my turn. But I'm usually on edge when I'm trying to count time as well. Like when I get ready for work. Someone who has OCD is someone who obsessively places everything a way it should be according to their standards... Such as categorized CDs or something.

Even a small incident in a restaurant when my family and I dined out, there was a wine cup on its side on the shelf and my brother told me to pick it up. I told him I was going to contaminate it if I touched it, yet he reached over and set it up right. He said that bothered him like mad. Now, normally THAT'S a sign of OCD.

As for me and my contamination issues, I work in a Deli, so naturally I abide by health regulations, not OCD.

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