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Default Re: plz HelP me i am worries

We can't judge anyone... he only has 3 post.. we can't in any way know him... and you don't even know where he lives to say that his english sucks... what if he lives in south america, or in asia where social ranks are most low, not everyone can go to school and if they go the teaching is poor??

Instead of just bashing him why don't we just try to help him?? even if he's a pedo or anything else.. he's not asking "what is your penis size so I can masturbate reading these?? ohh also include pix!!" he's just asking what he can do, and if he's a weirdo or anything else... this doesn't nesesarely (sp?) has to do with sex
I think this thread is going a little off hand with the "I don't think its true thing... just help the dude, and leave.. if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it

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