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Default Re: Questions about the BMI

Originally Posted by light View Post
I've looked at the body mass index chart and i'm not quite sure what to make of it, i've read some places it's for people who have average body types, it doesen't take in to account muscle mass and etc.

Also i wanted to ask, i'm a waaay late puberty bloomer, and i wanted to ask about 'baby fat' ever since i was born, despite back then i was an extremely skinny child, (doctor put me on supplements for it) my lower stomach jutted out with a big of fat. I'm now 17 and i've tried alot of things to get rid of it, diets, cardo exercise, crunches (done alot of research on fitness too) and i can't seem to shake it. Because like most guys, i'd like to have muscular abs too, haha.

anyone with a similar problem who has a good way to shake it? or as i grow taller (which i beleive might be still happening) will i thin out and look more 'proportioned'

thanks for your time
The BMI from what I've read only determines your weight-type accordingly towards your Height and Weight.

I didn't know you could have baby fat when you're 17

Aside from that little ignorable note from me
I'd say you could hit a growth spurt and stretch it all out... That's what happens to most guys anyway. Not me though, I started to grow then I stopped. I think I'm 5'8".

Could it also be possible that you are intaking more calories a day than you are burning off? o.o
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