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Question I need some really good advice....from a girl

So for starters ive been dating this girl off and on for two and a half years. the first time we broke up, it was because she was curious about bisexualism. after a few months we realized that we missed each other and got back together. I was iffy but im into giving second chances. we broke up again a year later because we were falling away from each other. sophomore year was hell for both of us without each other. We got back together for the same reason. well now we are both juniors and we are doing all right. but i just recently found out that she had cheated on me with a girl freshmen year. it wasnt anything to do with me but she was curious and was bi. she was actually the one who told me about the cheating. to add on... she has done everything besides straight sex. i havent gone past the "hands on part". she has been my first for everything and im doubting trust and my ability to please her. Please give some good advice!
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