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(and know, im not making this up. names changed for their protection)

so, today at recess, my friend GIRL came up to me and asked to talk to me in private. a little suspicious, i said okay, and followed her to a "discreet" place (a.k.a behind a tree) and proceeded to talk.
"hypothetically" she started
"hypothetically, if BOY decided he was bi, and was going to ask you out, what would you say?"
"hypothetically" says i
"hypothetically, are you serious?"

see, BOY is this really gay guy, (well, he acts really gay) he's had a girlfriend or two, and he's REALLY CUTE. but now, that he's telling his friend GIRL that he likes me, and that he's thinking about asking me out is just a lot in like, two minutes. and now, he's bi, and likes me? whoa. but now that he's told somebody that he might be gay, and definitely is bi, he's afraid that his dad might find out and do something? (i dont know much about his dad and that situation) but im really confused about what to do.

like, if i talk to him about it, then he'll figure out that GIRL told me, and he might get angry at her, which wouldnt be cool.
and if he doesnt want to talk to me, then not only is GIRL screwed, but so am i... and then if i dont do anything at all, then GIRL might get angry at me, then BOY might ask me out, then awkwardness.......

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