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Default Re: 13 year old seeking answers.

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I just turned 13 this month and my penis size is about 4.5 in. Is that normal? Some guys have shorter penis sizes. And how is a penis supposed to look like? Well I know how mine looks like but I never seen another guy's penis so I'm wonderin' if mine is fine. Also how long does it usually take for a 13 year old to masterbate because it takes me about 15 min. Also I think I'm gay because I always think about guys and I don't feel attracted to girls that much... My uncle is gay (from my mom's side) could I have gotten it from there?
Firstly, I would not say you're gay. It's perfectly normal for a young teen to think about members of the same sex. It's just the hormones mate.
A 4.5 inch penis is perfectly normal for someone of your age. How it looks depends on several things... are you circumcised? That sort of thing.
What did you mean by it takes 15 minutes? do you mean it takes 15 minutes to ejaculate? You can make masturbation sessions last as long as you want... I once made it last half an hour.

Hope this helps.