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Smile Re: first time shaving

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hey im going to be shaving for the first time. i was woundering if you guys could give me some tips so i dont hurt myself, and i mean my face, not my you know what
Hi there,
Congratulations on the facial hair!
Well I'm 19 and I've been shaving my face since I was 16 or 17.
I prefer to use an electric shave (Philips Phillishave).
It gives a fairly smooth shave and it does not cut your skin!
Mine has a moustache trimmer built in for "mowing" longer hairs before shaving. Particularly useful if you forget to shave for a few days!!

If you can't afford an electric shaver, there's the good old manual razor with razor blades built in.
Here's a few tips (from experience) for using a manual razor...
Have a thorough wash first. Get the skin as moist as possible. If you can't get proper shaving soap, ordinary soap will do, just use more of it.
Leave the soap on for a while then begin to shave downwards.
You can shave upwards, but I've found there's an increased chance of nicking your skin, or plucking the hairs out!! OUCH!

So long as you're careful and don't push too hard, you shouln't "cut" yourself.

Once you begin shaving, you cannot stop... Unless you want a beard!
Shaving actually encourages hair growth over time. (Like pruning a tree).
So make sure you're prepared to make it an every morning practice, like brushing your teeth!

Hope this helps, message me if you need any more tips!

Good luck!