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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Stop it with the "what you would do" reasoning. It's so annoying. You accuse me of saying "I don't know Harrie so shut your yapper" but here you are telling me what I would do when you in fact don't know anything about me at all. You hypocrite.
Everyone gives his or her advice differently and I'm entitled to give mine how I want to, as long as its in the site rules.

Now please stop fighting with me because I really don't feel like it. If you want the last word in, fine, but don't expect a reply because I don't want this thread to go more off topic than it already is.
I didnt say anything in last post about what anyone else would do. Nor did I carry on with my "what you would do" reasoning as you call it.

Use of language on a forum is important as no one can gauge how it is meant through facial expressions, tone of voice etc. That is why I initially jumped on it. My reasons are more clearly stated in my second post.

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