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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

well your 'advice' is harsh, and yes i do think not telling is the better option, what could be worse? well having your family taken away for one, being taken away from everything you no, everyone you love and care about, i think that is fsr worse than the v rare beats she gets, and alot of the time she does start it, she is nothing like me, she makes it so much worse for her self, im not trying to say that that makes what ny dad does ok, im just saying, it is a little less severe

and dont start telling me i do nothing and jsut give up, how do u no what i do, its hard enough at the moment just to keep u a level of normality, mayb right now is not the right time to do anything,ever think of that?

and do not tell me i am setting a bad example to my sister, how dare you, i am doin the best i can with the sercomestances, id like to see you try...

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