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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
What can possibly be worst than getting abused? You know it's wrong thats why you created this thread and you refuse to do anything about it because you think shes in a better situation getting abused. You make no effort to do anything about it you just give up without trying and allow it to happen. You're setting a bad example for your sister to be silent about it. I hope one day you wake up and realize that you're dead wrong or your sister ignores your ways of handling things and tells someone. One day you might regret not telling sooner.
That is so out of order! You, nor I, can even begin to comprehend what it is like for Harrie or her sister. For all we know Harrie may be on the receiving end of it more than her sister. You do not know about her past efforts so you are not in a position to say any of that which you have said. If you were in that situation. If you had been raised at the end of abuse. I seriously doubt you would do different to Harrie. So shut your yapper.

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