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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

Originally Posted by BlazingStar* View Post
my dad uses that excuse, he says he is tteaching me a lesson, making me remember my place, so you think what he does is ok?

u would justify it for that, a lesson,

sitting in my room doin my homework, and he comes in, beats the shit outa me, then leaves, that sound like im hard to deal with?

how can hitting a child ever be right?

hittign a child just means the adult cannot control them selves,

you should see my face and back atm, im covered with bruses

funny thing is only 2 ppl have asked, 2 ppl out of all the ppl i see everyday, ppl are so blind, and theyu just dont care, thats why things like this happen, because no1 cares, not truely, why would i risk telling some one, when they dont care, most proberly wont believe me, and will cause my dad to be extreamly angry, why would i do that? im not stupid

and who ever said it I CARE FOR MY SISTER SO MUCH DONT EVER FUCKING QUESTION THAT you dont no what i do for her, so dont start with that bull shit, u dont no, not tellign is the lesser of two evils in my eyes. im sorry but thats how it is

and wisper dont start trying to make me feel guilty for not saying the reasons behind me, wheter u ment it to come across like that or not, it did, next time be more careful with how u word things
ya well what your dad does is absolutly unacceptable. and if what he does is true and you dont provoke him at all i think he may be insane. what i mean is like a smack or a spank to keep the child in line.
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