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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

Originally Posted by shadowman View Post
if one of my parents laid their hands on me i wouldn't bring it to the cops. i would find something to kill them with. but i have been known to have some anger issues. i had to go to anger management in like gr 3-4 because some kid said my mom was an ugly b*tch. so i broke his nose with my fist. like 20 punches untill a parent saw me and grabbed me off. but i still believe if a parent beats a child. (more so a girl) they deserve to die.
thats pretty dumb. sometimes a child needs to be smacked to get through to them. i sure as hell will do it to my children if they are hard to deal with. as long as they arent harsh beatings i think that parents have all the right in the world to hit their kids as long as it isent to injure and just to teach them.
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