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Default Re: 13 year old seeking answers.

Originally Posted by Orochiramaru View Post
I just turned 13 this month and my penis size is about 4.5 in. Is that normal? Some guys have shorter penis sizes. And how is a penis supposed to look like? Well I know how mine looks like but I never seen another guy's penis so I'm wonderin' if mine is fine. Also how long does it usually take for a 13 year old to masterbate because it takes me about 15 min. Also I think I'm gay because I always think about guys and I don't feel attracted to girls that much... My uncle is gay (from my mom's side) could I have gotten it from there?
Yours is most probally perfectly fine, google search 'afraidtoask' and go an that site for more information.
Its different for everybody, but 15 mins is fine.
You could be gay, however its most likely just to be your hormones and your urge for sex in whatever way, you will know in a few years.
Sexuality doesn'y run in families. Its just the way you are
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